A-Z 2014 Friend List

The last time I did this was in 2012. A-Z 2012 friend list among the first things I ever posted. I was inspired back then,I thought I could word out my thoughts and share them with the world just like that,but boy was naïve; I like to believe I’m a little more grown since. I should have done it again in 2013 but well, 2013 was something else. Plus somewhere along the way, I think I lost my writing mojo.(writing mojo? definitely writing mojo.) I’m still trying to figure out where it was I placed it and I tell you, so far it has been elusive. Maybe I’ve been busy, distracted, lacked a story that was worth writing, but mostly, I just haven’t felt like it. I take full responsibility.

So as the year comes to an end, I hope I will find my misplaced mojo(writing mojo), y’all can help me look for it. That way, maybe 2015 can be more inspiring. Either way, as the year comes to an end, let me give it a shot and take a moment to celebrate the people that have made it worthwhile for me. I look at my 2012 list and oh, how it has changed. There are some constants no doubt but don’t we all need to make peace with the fact that some friendships were not meant to last a life time? You lose some along the way and you make some. Such is life.

So here goes; it’s all in alphabetical order. Don’t read too much into that.

Apple: of mine. Thanks a million for remaining a constant. For taking my crap and calling out my bullshit. For offering to hold my hand at a doctor’s appointment that has never been. (Yeah, I know I know, it’s long overdue, but oh well…) For offering me your professional advice even when I didn’t want it, (Runs and hides.) and most of all, thanks for being my best friend, my confidant, my sister. Love you to the moon and back.

Dear Bro:I have known you all my life. And all this time I have known you, I thank God for it the privilege. The highlight of my year was that trip in July, and meeting my awesome niece. If at one point in your life you ever doubt yourself, if you ever feel like you aren’t good enough (as we humans often feel.) if you ever wonder if your purpose on earth was met, you look at that kind and loving girl, and know that you at least did that one thing right. And thanks again, for being My biggest Fan yet.

Doc: This is long overdue, but I’ll say it anyway. Thanks for giving me a chance even when I did not believe in myself. For always being just a phone call away and for talking me through stuff when I was in panic mode, the free consultations, and suturing a banana? We’ve gots to do that again. I owe you big time. Get your lime cordial and ice (you know where the whiskey’s at) and let’s toast to you. Thank you for the opportunity.

HDI: Hanne, Faiyu, Nengneng mchakamchaka, Jeffa, you guys have been awesome. You made waking up every morning to go to work worth while. It was fun laughing with you all…the arguments that never led anywhere. You guys are crazy. lets do this again next year. Or maybe not.(wink wink) Team awesome, always a pleasure working with you..

Kalebski: Heeey cuz? This year has been tough huh? Sorry for the tough love I showered on you and for the occasional “I told you so’s.” It was all coming from a good place. We all make mistakes in life, but what counts is how we move forward from those mistakes, and look at you now, I could never be more proud of you. Thank you for the financial advice and although it took me forever, don’t they say better late than never? No? Hug that little munchkin for me now, will you? Thanks.

Kemanyi: Congratulations on everything. Didn’t I always tell you that you could do whatever you set your heart out to do? Didn’t I? Thanks for being my Insomnia buddy, and thanks for the love even when I cut my hair. (Insert smiley face here, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.) Never again!!! don’t stress.  All the best in everything.

Lilz: what to say really? This is me hanging in there, waiting, watching, and praying that 2015 will be awesome. I’m trying… but come on, give a sister something to hold onto. Seeing is believing, huh?

Lungz: I can’t wait for your private practice, so that I can come for free dental checkups and exploit our friendship to the maximum. No, I’m not kidding by the way. LOOL! I am proud of you and what you have become. Thanks for being awesome to my dad. I wish you all the best in everything you do as I always have. May you grow up to be the awesome person you always aim to be.

Mrs Marangeti: I am laughing out loud. No kidding. That’s an awesome name, and I hope I got it right. Thanks for coming through when shit hit the fan (excuse my language but there is just no other way of putting it.) Thanks for always coming down those two hundred stairs just to open the gate for me. I promise that my number one new year’s resolution (other than the usual one about the gym) is to learn to open the damn gate.

PeachyPeach: your patience is extra ordinary, your devotion out of this world. Your hug the warmest, your smile the brightest and for you, I will forever be grateful. It’s been a tough year, but joy comes in the morning doesn’t it? Thanks for taking my crap and for making me smile through the tears.

Renee: how is it possible, to feel so connected to someone you have never met? I identify with your stories so much that sometimes I feel like we sat down for tea, had a conversation and you went and wrote about it the next morning. This year hasn’t been the easiest for you I know, but hold your head up high clasp those little girls’ hands, tightly, and together walk towards a brighter new year, for you my friend are stronger than even you think you are. Thanks for sharing your life.

There is so much more I could write, but there is only so much space. To all my other friends, please don’t feel left out, you are appreciated. To my family you are the AWESOMEST.


4 thoughts on “A-Z 2014 Friend List

  1. fewx!!!! for a minute There i thot i ddnt make the list but thanking God i did,even if just briefly but its something to hang on to.2014 out,sorry 2015 i want to think am wiser n ur in for a shock.fay,no more patience n hanging in there,its over. n thanks a bunch for tough tough unwavering love.ur truest of them all. lov lov

  2. We connected before I even knew your name remember? So, yeah. It is possible to connect with someone you have never met. I consider you an awesome friend and I will sleep with a smile on my face tonight knowing that the feeling is mutual. Thanks for your well wishes – this year hasn’t been easy but life must go on. We oughtta sit down for that cup of tea someday. We gotta!
    May the new year be everything you wish it to be. Be blessed.

  3. an awesome year it has been and waiting for much more next year….. n yes you got it right hoping for the best always n thanks for the friendship too.

  4. See, i finally checked out the blog, didnt know what one was really but thank you foe enlightening me. oliiiveeee juice all the way.

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