It’s been a while…

‘Been wondering to myself why I haven’t written for so long. And so far, I can’t come up with a reasonable reason/excuse. So before I start giving you excuses as to why my last post was sometime in November last year, let me first apologise for being so lazy.

Now that my apology has been accepted, (I hope) maybe I can now try with the excuses. So I have been busy.  Yeah, I know who hasn’t? Stop rolling your eyes at me and listen first. So, I signed a contract for a job that involves me going to primary schools around Eastern talking to girls about hygiene, sanitation, menstruation and the works while handing out free sanitary towels. My job tile you ask, Field nurse. I didn’t in a million years think that this was the job for me. It took a little cajoling from my dad, and a lot of being broke for me to even consider it.

Then there was the training, weeks and weeks of training. What? You think it is easy to stand in front of pre-adolescent girls who think they know it all, and tell them how and why their bodies are changing? Those girls have a certain kind of attitude that needs you to come down to their level while at the same time being the adult and the nurse for that matter who knows “all” there is to know about their bodies and whatever else there is to know. But worse than the know it all girl is the teacher who feels like you are invading her space and taking the shine.  So yea, the weeks and weeks of training helped.

Now I  talk about the female reproductive system without batting an eyelid, pad underwear (sometimes in front of an audience of eighty plus.) in half a second while at the same time explaining how it is done and why it is done as it is,  I don’t even cringe  as I do it. Just the other day, I was telling a friend that the number of times I have to say vagina in a day is too damn high. But I’m used to it now; I even kind of love it. (it’s my job I love, not saying vagina).

It has been an experience let me tell you. Every school is different and every audience is difference. I have learnt patience, learnt to judge an audience and know what to say and what not to say, I have learnt how to smile and still be tough all at the same time. I have learnt how to answer silly questions with a straight face. To try not to act shocked when a girl tells me what she uses for sanitary protection. Believe me, I have heard all manner of things and to think of some of the things these girls use, in this day and era, I can’t help but be shocked. Most of all, I have learnt to understand the girl child, to love her. I count myself blessed to have been allowed the opportunity of helping usher her into womanhood in the most gentle and nurturing way possible.

Today’s girl is tomorrow’s woman. If she grows knowing how to take care of herself she grows with confidence. If she grows with confidence, she growsempowered; she grows into a woman of substance. Taking whatever the world throws at her in one stride. It takes a village to bring up a child they say. I’m honoured to be a part of that village. Some schools are more fun than others, some more welcoming than others; some appreciate the effort while others don’t even care. There are days I get home and wonder if it is even worth it. But then I remember a girl that was more than grateful for my assistance, and I go to bed knowing that I at least gave back to society even if it was in such a small way.

That’s what I have been up to. Touring Eastern, it’s been fun, but it’s also been exhausting. There are times I get home and don’t remember how I got into the shower or even how I managed to change into my night cloths. There are times when I’m so beat I fall asleep on top of the covers. Maybe now you understand why I’ve been kind of quiet for so long. I’ve been out there trying to change the world. (Put smiley face here). Anyway guys, I will try not to be silent for so long. I will try and write more, give you a detailed version of some of my experiences out in the field. I’ve missed you all and it’s great to be back. Belated Merry Christmas, happy New Year, and happy valentines. Woi! I think I should stop now while I’m still ahead.