My biggest Fan

He sits on the bleachers and cheers me on. Regardless of whatever it is I am doing. He cheers the loudest, he doesn’t care who is watching, or listening, he is always there. Through life’s tough races and even though sometimes I loose he is still there with me, encouraging me to pick myself up and try again. When I do I win, and he is right there besides me letting me bask in the glory of my triumph not taking any credit for all the cheering that encouraged me on when I thought I couldn’t make it.

We go way back, he probably doesn’t remember this, but I remember him defending me from bullies in school. I cried when I went to boarding school and left him behind, he made me promise not to cry as I watched him leave the country for what would be years and years. I kept my promise, I didn’t cry, but I remember going to the bathroom and retching my guts out.

He gets a little over protective and while he wouldn’t put his foot down to tell me what I can or can’t do, from him, I know the “gentleness” that is tough love. He doesn’t shy away from telling me exactly what he thinks. He disproves of some of my choices and although I have disappointed him a couple of times, I am yet to hear the “I told you so’s” .  I’m all grown,but for some reason he still thinks i’m his responsibility. He took me back to school and did his best to see that I remained there even when things were tough. (And for that, I will forever be grateful). He spoils me they say, (don’t ask who they know themselves) but only a little, or not.( Put cheeky smiley here.)

He is no angel this brother of mine, sometimes he pisses me off I have smoke coming out of my ears…No, it’s never been that bad and I don’t even remember the last time we got into a fight. (ok I remember but who cares?) I only have one of him and  my life wouldn’t be the same without him. I pray that every girl would have a big brother like mine.

I called him to wish him a “happy birthday” and the conversation ended up being about me and how I was about to start a new chapter in my life. ( No, i’m not getting married, at least not yet. Hold the “congratulations” for  just a little bit and stop with the pressure. Patience people, patience! soon though.) He doesn’t like the attention and this post would have him blushing from here to mars. But I don’t care, I will take this opportunity to wish my big brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You are way too kind, you are way too modest, so on this special day, lets make it all about you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kingosh (lol remember that one?).


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