My biggest Fan

He sits on the bleachers and cheers me on. Regardless of whatever it is I am doing. He cheers the loudest, he doesn’t care who is watching, or listening, he is always there. Through life’s tough races and even though sometimes I loose he is still there with me, encouraging me to pick myself up and try again. When I do I win, and he is right there besides me letting me bask in the glory of my triumph not taking any credit for all the cheering that encouraged me on when I thought I couldn’t make it.

We go way back, he probably doesn’t remember this, but I remember him defending me from bullies in school. I cried when I went to boarding school and left him behind, he made me promise not to cry as I watched him leave the country for what would be years and years. I kept my promise, I didn’t cry, but I remember going to the bathroom and retching my guts out.

He gets a little over protective and while he wouldn’t put his foot down to tell me what I can or can’t do, from him, I know the “gentleness” that is tough love. He doesn’t shy away from telling me exactly what he thinks. He disproves of some of my choices and although I have disappointed him a couple of times, I am yet to hear the “I told you so’s” .  I’m all grown,but for some reason he still thinks i’m his responsibility. He took me back to school and did his best to see that I remained there even when things were tough. (And for that, I will forever be grateful). He spoils me they say, (don’t ask who they know themselves) but only a little, or not.( Put cheeky smiley here.)

He is no angel this brother of mine, sometimes he pisses me off I have smoke coming out of my ears…No, it’s never been that bad and I don’t even remember the last time we got into a fight. (ok I remember but who cares?) I only have one of him and  my life wouldn’t be the same without him. I pray that every girl would have a big brother like mine.

I called him to wish him a “happy birthday” and the conversation ended up being about me and how I was about to start a new chapter in my life. ( No, i’m not getting married, at least not yet. Hold the “congratulations” for  just a little bit and stop with the pressure. Patience people, patience! soon though.) He doesn’t like the attention and this post would have him blushing from here to mars. But I don’t care, I will take this opportunity to wish my big brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You are way too kind, you are way too modest, so on this special day, lets make it all about you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kingosh (lol remember that one?).


The utter selfishness…

Self·ish- adjective \ˈsel-fish\ : Concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others.

Still don’t get it? I’ll break it down for you.

Flushing your VIP status to my face while i’m attending to a patient that is bleeding out and expecting me to stop and attend to your non urgent case is being selfish. Never gonna happen, wait like everybody else, if not, there is the door. Go in peace and while at it, take your VIP-ness with you. Thank you.

Taking hospital linen while on night duty, spreading it on the floor to take naps while there are patients out there freezing in the cold is  being selfish. Bring a shawl or blanket from home. Hospital linen is for the patients, not the stuff. Shame on you.

Making the student nurses do all the dirty work while you sit and chat with your friends is being selfish. Not only does it endanger the patient who by the way is your number one priority, it doesn’t help the student whose sole purpose is to learn under your guidance. Life’s karma will get you. It always does.

Now, men, Brothers, Cousins, Husbands, Boyfriends, or whatever, sitting in front of the computer all day surfing the net while all the time piling up dishes, cups, glasses, plates, jugs, juice boxes (you get the picture) on the table and not cleaning after yourselves is being selfish. You expect her to come home from work, clean up your mess, make you supper, and for husbands and boyfriends, you expect her to put on a show for you when you finally get to the bedroom. How now? A woman knows her place in the home, you don’t have to cook, damn you don’t even have to wash the dishes (although once in a while wouldn’t kill you.) but would you please clean up after yourself? Such are the things that differentiate a boy from a man. Grow up if you expect to be treated as men.

Daughters,sons, students, lying to your parents, guardians or sponsors just to get some extra cash is being selfish. Do you not see how these people toil day in day out, just so that your basic needs are met, then you will lie to them? That is just wrong. Wrong on so many levels.

Drivers and especially those of matatus, driving recklessly and changing lanes whenever you feel like is being selfish. Not only does it cause crazy crazy jam, it also endangers the lives of the passengers. If you don’t care for your own life, please  understand that your passengers are people with families, responsibilities and goals they want to achieve. Don’t end their lives prematurely with your haste to get I don’t know where.

Neighbours, playing loud loud music over the weekend when your neighbours baby is sleeping is not only being selfish it is rude. So is using your neighbours passwordless wi-fi to download stuff, outrageously slowing their connection and worse still is the guy who password locked his neighbours wi-fi ensuring that his neighbour, (the owner) could not access his own internet. The guts on people is amazing and not in a good way.

Dear Government of Kenya, refusing to pay the teachers their July salary because they went on strike, even after they returned to work  is….should I even go there?… with all due respect, I rest my case.