A-Z, 2012 friend list

This is to all my friends out there,those that have been with me since the beginning of time, the new ones i have made,the few that i have lost.well in life you win some you lose some. Here goes:

A: there are two of you, A1-you are an amazing person,you are young you don’t know what to say most of the times when i come to you venting about sijui what…but you always listen thanks alot. I got mad love for you. A2-i always enjoy spending time with you. i know in a way this year has been tough for you too although you never talk about it. We kind of  have that in common.but keep smiling, you are a great person and good things do come to those that wait.

D: there are also 2 of you. D1– You call me small siz, without you,i surely wouldn’t have made it through this year, you always call when i need to hear you the most. your encouragement has seen me through the worst of days. I’m a grown ass woman, but you take care of me either way. You said “its a big brothers job. I’m just doing my job.” I love you to bits and i thank God for you. D2– Now this one is an interesting one.We met in the most interesting of ways. Ok we haven’t met yet but you know what i mean.for a while there we even thought…well you know what we thought. Either way,i’m glad to have you in my friends list this year…see you soon. 🙂

E: E,E,E, now you my friend are the epitome of a bad friend. You can’t blow hot and cold at the same time. Grow some balls and make up your mind. I should have known from the word go that you would be a dissapointment. Well silly me, i know better now. I don’t even have the energy to forgive you anymore. Its exhausting

H: My sister,thanks for sharing Christmas with me,thanks for sharing your mom with us. You know i got love for my sister. Mhhh, the way things are going,there might never be a wedding (lol you know what i mean). but welcome to Africa anyway,its a beautiful place. Can’t wait to make an African out of you mzungu.

J: there are several of you!!! J1– You my friend gave me some tough love this year. You called me up on my bullshit and told me all the things i didn’t want to hear although i knew you were right the whole time. So thank you.i got my ish together now. Always a pleasure talking to you. Updates coming up soon. J2– You have been MIA on me for the last few days…i hope you are ok. Because you J2,are the one person that ensures my day starts with a smile. Hope to hear from you soon, and see you in April. J3– Mami we have known each other since we were what,13? For sure this is what friendships are made of.We have been through some tough times together huh?Remember those days of mushed potatoes and chapatis…hehe girl!! tumetoka mbali. This year has been messy for both of us and sometimes the distance almost got the best of us,but no we hang in there, its what friend do..its what we do. Sorry about you know what. I won’t lose my cool like that again. J4– i only met you a few months ago and im already dreading how much i will miss you. You have the weirdest of advice but for some reason,it all makes sense. You my dearest are just awesome!!!

L: Oh apple of mine, i miss you how. I don’t even have words to describe this friendship. You are one of a kind. How can people who have so much in common be so different? I think that’s what makes this friendship amazing. Lets grab some Pizza and catch up on like everything!!! Munchkin misses you alot!

M: We fuss and we fight. Give each other the silent treatment for months. lol since back in the day, but when we finally do talk, it doesn’t even sound like we haven’t seen each other in like what nine years? If that is not friendship, i don’t know what is. Maybe one day life will be kind to us and we will meet again,but even if we don’t, “friends are friends for ever.”

P: Nayu kelitu? I can’t even start to put into words what a journey this has been. thanks for the prayers during the tough times. thanks for the laughs when i thought i couldn’t even afford a smile. Thanks for sharing your experiences even the not so good embarrassing ones and for loving me regardless,even when i was bitchy and didn’t want to talk. thanks for reminding me that things are not so bad.they could be worse, but they are not.See you in March Precious.

R: the two of you, R1-You listen, never once judging, you just listen sometimes  saying nothing at all. I know i can tell you whatever,and you will hear me out. Sorry for all the whining i did this year. Its been a bad year…but as you say.you learn to accept things, and people. Thanks for sharing your family. R2– ata sijui nianze wapi, the good,the bad, the ugly you have seen and heard it all. Who would have thought that through all the rough patches it would turn up like this? You have been a Blessing and i thank God for you. “ati Chemtai who?” you got jokes. Still can’t believe we pulled that off.

S– there are 3 of you and this is where i get emotional. I’m not gonna like doing this but ill do it anyway. S1– Babygirl, you have become everything, we used to despise,everything we stood up against. You have become that girl, you know, the one we didn’t like?The one with the agenda…remember?Who would have thought? But clearly, you are happy and if you are happy, then i am happy for you. You don’t even know this, but i got your back, always have always will.Its a cold world out there. S2– Where do i even start? You Babyboy, broke my heart. Took it out and crushed it to pieces,little pieces,but its on the mend now and i have people seeing me through it and ill be fine, but please understand when i say i don’t want to be friends, atleast not yet.Give me some time and maybe one day, who knows? S3– Mrembo you have been through hell and back this year,what with the surgery and all the crap that followed afterward. But now ill give you some tough love, stop whining, away with the negative attitude.In 2013, put on some positivity and lets see you soon. I’ll meet you at Kikwetu in a bit.

V: At first i was skeptical, didn’t know what you were all about. Wasn’t sure what to make of you. But then i got to know you. And with time, I discovered that you are pretty cool. Plus you make the meanest bean stew ever.(Yeah that helps lol). You are easy to talk to and your stories are quite interesting…maybe i’ll write a book one day. I’m glad to have you for a neighbour. And im lucky to have you as a friend.

W: you have been good this year. And that is appreciated. Just reduce on all that bad stuff, you know this body has no spare parts, take care of yourself. and thanks for always saying “everything will be fine” even when we both know it wont be. hehe. You got jokes, and you are full of it.(you know what)

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer but i say keep your enemies close, and your friends closer, because it is them that know you,your weaknesses,your vulnerabilities, and just like that,they can make or break you. Thank you guys.



10 thoughts on “A-Z, 2012 friend list

  1. mhhh what do i say.who ever thought we’d come this far…… wakumbuka ilianza nakuitwa hadbag ya mtu hehehehe. great things we’ve done like bringing a baby into this world ..was the best amazing thing we did and i know we are yet to do many more ..happy new year

  2. i try to scratch my head hard and its only u i see genuine and honest, no other person has been what u r, no forgeries, you are u. will always miss u and u always welcome, HAPPY NEW YEAR, How i wish march 2013 would be more than 3 months from now,but it cant be. just know that the family will dearly miss you but i personally will miss u to bits.

  3. Mmh! what to say…well thnx for being patient (Gettin 2 knw wat m all bout). They say wat doesn’t kill u meks u stronger, hp this year works out beta th last. Its been amaizing. GB

  4. fay, uve made me cry dear. ur truly a great friend to me. J3 sums it all. ull always be on my mind. i love u gal and thanks for being there wen i was soo down. i miss u like crazy and congrats dear on u know what! love u always and ill read this blob everytime i feel like i miss u!

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